Duramax Sheds: The Functionality and Quality of Woodbridge Vinyl Shed Series

Searching for the best sort of shed for the yard is definitely not an easy job. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, you also need to make sure that the shed you are planning to have is also long lasting. As a result, you have to search for a brand that features all these qualities. Among the most trusted brands in the market nowadays is Duramax sheds. Our Storage Shed Reviews channel has all the information that you need to weigh your choices, and ascertain what type of shed is appropriate for your storage needs.

Woodbridge series is made to offer optimum durability, which is no longer surprising. After all, the brand name Duramax is derived from the phrase “maximum durability”. A Woodbridge shed is resilient enough to last for countless generations. Chipping, peeling, fading, discoloration and cracking are avoided since the shed is made of vinyl. In addition, it is also resistant against termite infestation, unlike sheds that are made of plastic and wooden. Duramax sheds are available in different forms and types that is why you can ensure that you will find something which will fit your choice. Their Woodbridge vinyl shed collection is the most widely used.

Setting up Duramax sheds is easy. It will only take an entire afternoon to finish the shed installation. The truth is, you only need one individual to help you with the set up. All of the materials are accessible, and all set for set up. If you'd like to complete the installation quicker, then consider availing the special optional foundation kit. The vinyl panels are drilled already that's the reason why you don’t have to do it yourself. The floor kit works as a base or foundation where one can just put the shed on top. Most of all, this Woodbridge shed is maintenance-free, which means that you do not need to fret about painting or staining.

Putting more windows is one thing that you should think of if you want to use your Duramax sheds as a workspace or as a playroom for your kids. Windows are needed to make your Woodbridge shed more attractive. As for the skylight and ventilation kits, they are already involved in the package. There’s no need to worry because setting up the window kit is quite easy. However, if you wish to optimize your shed for storage purposes, it's best to buy the Duramax shelf kits.

The Duramax sheds are fire retardant. In fact, their sheds like the Woodbridge vinyl shed series are certified by the California Fire Marshall. When compared to sheds that are made of plastic or wood, the vinyl shed is far more durable. The shed can remain in place during a hurricane with winds reaching 115 miles per hour. The roof of the shed is also durable that is why it can quickly hold up to 20lbs of snow. This is all possible because of its hard metal support, provided that the frames are well anchored to the ground.

The size of the Woodbridge shed are 10.5 feet wide, with depths of 8’, 10’ and 13’. There's no need to worry if you would like shed’s depth to increase as there are 2.5’ extension kits available. Keep in mind that you can buy the shed without the extension kits if you're fine with the standard depth. This means that you can buy the kit later if you see the need to enlarge the space in your shed. Adjusting the size of your shed is nearly impossible if it is made of wood or metal. Most Duramax sheds are fitted with double doors that are 5’ wide, so you can very easily move huge items in and out of your shed by opening both of them. The opening is also wide enough to allow a small tractor or mower to slide right in.

Duramax sheds is a great option because based on the study conducted by the US Green Building Council, poly vinyl performed better environmentally. Poly vinyl can also be recycled rather than being thrown in a landfill. This product has a smaller transport mile because it is made in the US. Purchasing paints, stains, and cleaning materials is not necessary because this is a maintenance free shed. Additionally, it has a lifespan of 20 to 30 years. Considering how beneficial this product is, buying the shed is surely a decision that you will never regret. What people love concerning Duramax sheds is that it makes the expenses all worthwhile. Aside from their sensible uses, they are a wise investment for your home.